cloti and lea


the story accours in canakkale, eceabat  at anzac bay. me and my four friends were at holiday in the anzac bay.  in the aftenoon while we were going to the eceabat from our bay, we saw two girls and noone else under the midday sun walking. and we said that they must be english because as the song says;  ” … mad dogs and englishmen  go out in to the midday sun…”  😉 and we went to  eceabat, the opposite way of  them, to buy some of our needs and ice for cooling our drinks.  after comming  to our house on our bay we saw that we didn’t buy enough ice so we decided to go back, while we were going back we saw cloti and lea.. ( you can read the rest of the story here . )

they were  studying politics and turkey tour (turkish youth) was their project…

by the way elvis has left the bay. nowdays  michael started  his new job and i heard that he is trying his best 😀 ….

see you soon i know that you will be  succesfull in your project.

and the  the photos that i promised are below :

our beach :



the cemetery that we talked about :





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